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Neapolis (“new city”) was a Greek commercial center 2,500 years ago. Today, it remains southern Italy’s leading city. Naples impresses visitors with one of Europe’s top archaeological museums  fascinating churches that convey the city’s unique personality and powerful devotion, an underground warren of Greek and Roman ruins, fine works of art, and evocative nativity scenes (called presepe ).


Herculaneum Tour

A once-thriving commercial port of 20,000, Pompeii grew from Greek and Etruscan roots to become an important Roman city. Then, on August 24, A.D. 79, everything changed. Vesuvius erupted and began to bury the city under 30 feet of hot volcanic ash. For the archaeologists who excavated it centuries later, this was a shake-and-bake windfall, teaching them volumes about daily Roman life.


Herculaneum Tour

Unfairly upstaged by Pompeii’s ancient offerings, the Ruins of Herculaneum have a wealth of archaeological finds, from ancient advertisements and stylish mosaics, to carbonised furniture and terror-struck skeletons, Smaller, less crowded, and not as ruined as its famous big sister, Herculaneum offers a closer, more intimate peek into ancient Roman life.


Naples private driver

The Phlegraean Fields are a vast area located in the gulf of Pozzuoli, west of the city of Naples and its gulf.  From a geological point of view, the area is a large caldera in a state of quiescence, with a diameter of 12-15 km, whose limits are given by the hill of Posillipo, from the Camaldoli hill, from the northern ridges of the crater of Quarto , the hill of Sanseverino, the acropolis of Cuma, and Monte di Procida.


Caserta Tour

Caserta (Casert ‘in the dialect of Caserta)  is an Italian town of 75 811 inhabitants [1], the capital of the homonymous province in Campania. The city of Campania is known above all for its impressive Bourbon Palace, called the Versailles of Italy, which, together with the Royal Belvedere of San Leucio and the Carolino Aqueduct, has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997.


Amalfi Coast tour from Naples

Amalfi, with its sun-filled piazzas and small beach, was once a maritime superpower with a population of more than 70,000 and a fleet that controlled the whole region. Amalfi minted its own coins and established “rules of the sea”—the basics of which survive today.
Main Sights: Cathedral This church is “Amalfi Romanesque” (a mix of Moorish and Byzantine flavors, built c. 1000-1300), with a fanciful Neo-Byzantine facade from the 19th century. Paper Museum Paper has been a vital industry here since Amalfi’s glory days in the Middle Ages.

These tour last 4 hours


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